Advanced Methods of Data Analysis and Processing

Food and Health Sciences, Medical engineering

About this course

This course comprehends/deals methods of biosignal generation, biosignal acquisition and basic parameters of biosignals required for diagnostics. Methods and algorithms for biosignal processing, analysis and evaluation used for biological signals, mainly electrophysiological signals. Preprocessing, filtering, time and frequency analysis. Use of modern spectral analysis methods. Visualisation of results, topographic mapping, method of compressed spectral arrays (CSA). Adaptive segmentation of non-stationary signals is discussed. Application of methods using artificial intelligence. Methods of automated signal classification - supervised/unsupervised, cluster analysis, learning classifier. Artificial neural networks (ANN). Practical application of biosignal processing. Case studies of ANN application on epileptogenic recordings and neural recordings in general. Genetic algorithms and simulated annealing is presented.

Learning outcomes

Comprehend and be able to apply methods of biosignal processing.

Course requirements

Active participation in exercises is mandatory. One absence is allowed without giving a reason. Other absences must be documented. During the exercises, student will complete scored tasks, 45 points can be obtained from the scored tasks. At the end of the semester, student will write a final test with value of 55 points. Credit is given if the student obtains at least 50% of the points from the exercise (ECTS grading scale).


lectures and tutorian sessions

Additional information

  • Credits
    ECTS 3
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    doc. Ing. Piorecký Marek Ph.D., Ing. Štrobl Jan, Ing. Piorecká Václava Ph.D.
  • Mode of instruction
    Online - at a specific time
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    23 September 2024

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      16 February 2025
    • Term *
      Winter 2024/2025
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      15 May - 29 Jul 2024
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