Project Technology Management


About this course

After completing this course, students should answer the following framework topics: define the nature, importance, and key functions of project technology management with a focus on the analysis of technological trends, risks, and opportunities, innovation radar, and technology assessment. Explain the relationships between business management and the development of product, production, and service technologies. Characterize the process of technological forecasts, foresight, and creation of the technology strategy of the company. Explain the process of the process of creating a project plan for implementing new technology. Clarify the importance of the protection of technological intellectual property and the need to commercialize their own technologies at the level of the industry, region, or state.

Learning outcomes

  • This highly practical study focuses on the specific aspects and problems of live technological innovation processes in which participants will consult and test novel ways of managing innovation based on the best practice of technology innovation leaders.
  • The study includes improving the ability and skills to lead technological innovation projects since each course participant will create his/her own simple technology project.
  • In addition, course participants will benefit from a personal approach to the latest knowledge in technology innovation management, and how this can be multiplied in an interactive virtual group when accessing new SW tools that may encourage creativity, complexity, and cooperation in technological innovation.
  • At the end of the course, students present their technology project, which will be also evaluated by people from the corporate environment, who will gain innovative impulses for their own business and the opportunity to employ the best students after graduation.
  • Among the main advantages of this educational course: Interinstitutional cooperation of technological universities in the development of new technological management and innovation course.
  • Linking TM studies with best practice and advice of specialists in technological innovations from practice.
  • Improving the ability to understand the need to support innovation processes in times of crisis, so that we can innovate in a meaningful way for the real purpose of overcoming the crisis and gaining a competitive advantage through investment in new technology.
  • Through this course, participants will learn how to create a favorable innovation environment, how to adequately communicate and cooperate in the field of innovation and in times of crisis, how to reconcile innovation processes with the aspirations and problems of the company and its investors.
  • Other topics will include how to create culture of proactive innovation and problem-solving in a company, so that employees can be satisfied with finding solutions that will not only benefit the company, but also its stakeholders and the wider environment. Etc.

Course requirements

Continuous assessment of student work during the semester includes: Write a seminar paper on a selected topic (suitable within the focus of lectures and seminars on the subject) for example on specific technology innovation based on the Project approach to increase the efficiency of production processes. The required length of seminar work min. 15 pages. Citation according to ISO 690. The deadline for submitting the final version is by the end of the teaching period. Delivery takes place via e-mail. Presentation of the work (between approx. 15–20 min.) of the main content and benefits of the seminar work during the semester in Week 12. resp. Week 13.

Assessment: Exercise activities: max. 10 points Seminar work max. 30 points Exam: max 60 points


Lectures, Seminars, Group work, Self-study, Case studies, Videos

Additional information

  • Credits
    ECTS 6
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    doc. Ing. Jemala Marek Ph.D.
  • Mode of instruction
    Online - at a specific time
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    23 September 2024

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      16 February 2025
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      Winter 2024/2025
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      15 May - 29 Jul 2024
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