Reverse Engineering

Computer Science and ICT, Data, AI

About this course

Students will learn fundamentals of reverse engineering of computer software (methods of executing and initializing programs, organization of executable files, work with third-party libraries). Special attention will be paid to C ++. Students will also become familiar with the principles of debugging tools, disassemblers and obfuscation methods. Finally, the course will focus on code compression and decompression and executable file reconstruction.

Learning outcomes

After he/she had completed the course, the student will be able to independently perform reverse analyses of binary executable files on the MS Windows platform, including analyzing obfuscated files (i.e. malware).

Course requirements

Very good knowledge of C, C++. Basic knowledge of programming in assembler/machine code.


Reverse engineering, executable file analysis, malware, security, assembler, machine code.

Additional information

  • Credits
    ECTS 5
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    Ing. Kokeš Josef Ph.D.
  • Mode of instruction
    Online - at a specific time
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  • Start date

    23 September 2024

    • Ends
      16 February 2025
    • Term *
      Winter 2024/2025
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      15 May - 29 Jul 2024
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