Electrical Engineering

About this course

Course topics: Concepts underlying production control in traditional construction. Factory physics – mathematical models of production flow. Lean production in manufacturing and service industries; Lean thinking - value stream, flow, waste; Little's Law; push vs. pull control paradigms. Transformation, Flow, Value (TFV) theory; Principles of production in construction; portfolio flow, process flow and operations flow model (PPO); operational wastes and process wastes. Lean construction practices, with examples: Value stream mapping, Target value design, Last Planner® System.

Contact Hours per week: 2

Semester Start Date: November 3, 2024

Day & Time: TBD

Learning outcomes

Lectures and homework, management simulation game, exam. Through the semester you will be required to prepare and submit six homework assignments. These will be graded out of 10, and form 60% of your course grade. Submitting all six homeworks is a requirement for completing the course (i.e. an ‘incomplete’ grade will be submitted if you do not submit all six homeworks).


At the end of the semester, we will hold an exam, which will form the remaining 40% of your grade. The exam will be a ‘take-home’ exam, published on Moodle with a 48-hour window to complete the written assignment and submit your exam.

Course requirements



Lectures & homework; management simulation game

Additional information

  • Credits
    ECTS 2
  • Level
  • Contact hours per week
  • Instructors
    Prof. Rafael Sacks
  • Mode of instruction
If anything remains unclear, please check the FAQ of Technion (Israel).


  • Start date

    3 November 2024

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      2 March 2025
    • Term *
      Winter Semester 2024/25
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      14 May - 29 Jul 2024
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