Advanced Seminar Marketing, Strategy, Leadership & Management: HR Management

Business and Economics

About this course

Topic 1. Conceptual foundations of reputation management Topic 2. Reputation protection mechanisms Topic 3. Methods of reputation forming and maintaining Topic 4. Methods of crisis reputation management Topic 5. Methods of corporate reputation assessing

Learning outcomes

  • ability to increase the level of competitiveness of organizations as socio-economic systems taking into account the specifics of interpersonal competition in the trade environment
  • identify actions that harm the information security of the trade organization, be able to apply methods to ensure it;
  • to determine and implement a set of actions for the organization of e-commerce and goods and services promotion by means of Internet marketing.


Eric B. Shiraev, Jennifer Keohane, Martijn Icks, Sergei A. Samoilenko. Character Assassination and Reputation Management: Theory and Applications. Routledge. 2021. 283. John Doorley, Helio Fred Garcia. Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Routledge. 2006. 458.

Course requirements

Basic knowledge of business management


The seminar will be based on in-class exercises and discussions, as well as practice-oriented case discussions, business simulations. In addition, students will examine one topic more detailed and write a seminar paper on it. The results are presented and discussed in a group presentation.

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  • Credits
    ECTS 6
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  • Instructors
    Marie Wehinger, Nataliia Bieliaieva
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These offerings are valid for students of CTU (Czech Republic)